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Donating surplus food made simple.

The safest and easiest method for businesses to donate surplus food to nonprofits while earning back, cutting down expenses, and building a better quality of life.

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What is table?

table is a platform that automates the donation process between businesses in the food sector who have surplus food and nonprofits who need it.


All your communication and information in one place


No more missed pick-ups, wrong days and times, and incompatible vehicle types


Quick and easy inventory upload and food and product selection


All of your donor-recipient data with quick and easy export accessibility

All Your Logistics. One Dashboard.

Why donate as a business?

Earn Money Back

through enhanced tax deductions and other earnings

Cut Down Waste

and your monthly disposal costs to big waste companies

Save Time & Space

spent building recipient parnters and storing surplus food

Build Your Brand

and a stronger and healthier future for your company

Why receive as a nonprofit?

The Food

and product you need when you need it, for free

Save Money

by cutting spending on wholesale and discounted food

Smooth & Easy

logistics for your organization and for your donors

Fulfill Your Mission

and make an even bigger impact than already do

Hungry to get involved?

Get in touch and learn how you can utilize your chops to create a healthy future and better quality of life.

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Some of our friends

"This is a great product and would eliminate a lot of the challenges we currently face with logistics and communication with local nonprofits. We want to get more connected to our local community and table would definitely help us get there"

Trader Joe's

Santa Monica, CA

"We are so happy to hear you are doing this. We have talked to a lot of different people who have tried to tackle this, but you guys seem to have it. It goes much further than just the problem. It's about education and community. Can't wait to use it."

L.A Kitchen


"This looks great! We would be so happy to use it. A lot of our time is spent going back and forth with our donors. Often times key logistics are misinterpreted or lost in translation so we do double work. This would save all of us time and resources."

West Side Food Bank

Los Angeles, CA

Our Mission

Is to give people and businesses the power to put a dent in the food waste universe by enabling them with the tools to do so. We are striving end food waste and its detrimental effects on our environment.

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